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April 1, 2015

Dear Parent:

This letter will serve to introduce Roosevelt Strange. Roosevelt tutors groups and individuals for the PSAT, SAT I and ACT. After being inundated with test prep mailers and one on one tutors at $200+ per hour (call Roosevelt for rates), I felt compelled to send this note to neighbors and friends. Roosevelt’s success with students achieving at their highest level is truly extraordinary.

The single most defining evidence of his success can be seen in my eldest son’s Standardized Test results both before and after Roosevelt:

“Pre Roosevelt”:  ISEE Verbal   (55th percentile)  Math   (85th percentile)

“Post Roosevelt”: SAT  Verbal  (96th percentile)    Math  (98th percentile)

My eldest son graduated from Harvard in 2006. My other three children have also benefited from the “Roosevelt Effect!” for their PSAT, SAT I & II’s.  My daughter graduated from Yale in 2008. My second son graduated from Yale in 2012. Acceptance for my children was directly related to Roosevelt’s instruction and exuberance.

Roosevelt’s educational background:

 Roxbury Latin School

 Harvard University

 Harvard Law School

Roosevelt has taught SAT courses at Kaplan, Weston High School and has individually/group tutored a legion of students. PSAT  prep typically consist of five weekly 2-hour sessions; SAT I prep typically consists of ten weekly 2-hour meetings. However, Roosevelt is flexible and can adjust the schedule to meet your student’s particular needs. Because of the high demand for his services, Roosevelt’s schedule fills up months in advance and his ability to tutor individuals is limited.

Roosevelt’s considerable intellect is eclipsed only by his extraordinary passion to teach children and have them succeed. Numerous family and friends have utilized his services with universal acclaim. I cannot recommend anyone more highly.

You can reach Roosevelt as follows:
Office Phone: 781-696-1518